The Northern Conference on 8/14/21 was full of exciting moments – check out the Top 5 Match Highlights
5: Aces vs Brigade battle it out until the very end
4: Aces Taylar Stallings vs Brigade Noel Leka Ringer Point Race
Number 3: Aces vs Sharks with an extremely close race
Number 2: Wild vs Brigade go rep for rep in each quadrant of the Echo
Coming in at Number 1: The Wild selected ringer point races end with an insane final sprint

The Championship is up next on October 9th, don’t miss out on the action….Click below to get your tickets!

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Grid League Match Format: Roll Up

Grid League Match Format: Roll Up

FLORIDA GRID LEAGUE 2023MATCH FORMAT"Roll up"A Match Format is the specific set of movements and elements that make up the Races within a given Match. This is what makes matches unique from one another as the race rules are always consistent from match to match. Learn...

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