2021 FGL Staff Retreat

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2021 was a big year at the FGL.  We concluded our fifth Season, we broke records in ticket sales, and we created relationships with some amazing sponsors. 


But we also grew as an organization in many of the ways we need to define our company culture, create a strong foundation for future growth, and added many passionate people to our staff of extraordinary people.  Part of that growth was holding our first annual FGL Staff Retreat on Nov 7th in Fort Myers Florida. 

The goals for the retreat were simple but not necessarily easy.  We wanted people walking away from the retreat knowing that the FGL could be a part of accomplishing their life goals, and to dream big knowing there was support behind them.  For a small organization, this is a tough thing to communicate and execute on since our staff is so small and we’re still very much in startup mode.  But, our staff’s life goals are included in our own company goals and so it’s important for the League to dedicate resources to getting them accomplished.  

What’d we do

We rented a sweet house in Fort Myers Florida (about halfway between our Northern and Southern conferences) and invited everyone who worked even one match during the 2021 Season to attend the retreat.  

Being the first year, we had a small group of people from across the organization – logistics and event management, to equipment, to entertainment and refs.  The people who decided to drive 2+ hours to attend this retreat are exceptional and dedicated, and it was the perfect group for this meeting.  


  • Why we all came 
  • Where the FGL started and where we are now 
  • Review of the Season 
  • The benefits of being on staff + goal setting 
  • How we feel about excellence and process

We had many conversations that twisted and turned and addressed challenges we all faced, ideas to make the FGL better, and set big hairy audacious goals for the future, both for the sport and for ourselves.  We also discussed ways that we can all hold each other accountable to meeting those goals, and ways to become a tighter team moving forward.  

The FGL Operators walked away from the retreat feeling inspired and excited to keep moving forward, to make improvements for next Season, and most of all for next year’s retreat! 

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