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In the year 2018, the sport of curling made an earth shattering, tremendous breakthrough: Mixed gender doubles in the Olympics.

This means the previous 600 years of curling was either exclusively male, or segregated male and female divisions. This clearly makes sense because the ability to slide a rock or scrub the ice feverishly is severely influenced by the size, strength, and/or genitalia of the slider or scrubber… the obvious solution is separate divisions.

While we’re at it we should probably have separate male and female toilet papers, and seat belts. And certainly snorkels… wouldn’t want to get those confused.

Ok, we got jokes, but the point is… It’s kinda silly.

History and tradition are great… when they makes sense. The fact our natural tendency is to separate male and female sports DOES NOT MAKE SENSE ANYMORE. It really never did, but neither did a lot of forms of segregation that were popular for hundreds of years and we have (at least mostly) gotten rid of.

We’re not saying global society is intentionally being oppressive, just that it’s an antiquated thought process. Coed sports (the one or two that exist) are so much more fun and interesting on top of the fact that we, as separate genders, do life together… why not do sports together?

We realize many sports would not work as mixed gender. But some would, and we are mainly pointing out how silly it is that basically NONE do at this point. It’s high time some new sports come out built around integrating men and women in the same sport.


The sport of GRID is built around men and women playing together on the same teams. It represents the future of team sports… when people realize how much more exciting, dramatic, interesting and fun coed team sports are.


In August and September of 2017 two major hurricanes hit Florida and Puerto Rico, devastating entire communities and families.  While Florida has mostly recovered from Hurricane Irma, areas of Puerto Rico are still without power and supplies from Hurricane Maria as of February, 2018.  

An event of this magnitude makes it easy to see the widespread devastation, but can be hard to personalize.  At the FGL, when these catastrophes were taking place we knew we had to help, but we wanted it to be more personal than just donating to a major organization.  So, we took to social media to ask for nominations for individuals who were severely affected by the storms so that we could channel our efforts within our community and touch one family’s lives.  

We received several deserving nominations and were able to help, at least in small ways, everyone that wrote in.  But we chose one family to receive the bulk of the money we raised through a portion of tickets sales from our Championship weekend and specialty t-shirt sales.  This family was nominated through an FGL staff member who provided us with the following statement: 

“My Aunt and Uncle were displaced from their home for months, and are now living in a rental RV in Florida City until they can get back on their feet.  My Uncle is ill and without work and my Aunt was able to find a job at a Wynn Dixie close by to make ends meet.  This donation will go towards their medical bills and trying to rebuild their lives after losing so much in the storm.”  

We hope that every person who bought a t-shirt or purchased a ticket to our Championship weekend feels pride in knowing that we, the FGL community, can reach out and help those in need.  We take care of each other.  Thank you all for being a part of it.

In 2017, six Teams played in the first ever Florida Grid League Season culminating in the Tampa Bay Brigade winning the Championship match.  Now, plans are forming for the upcoming 2018 Season with new Player Signing rules, expansion Teams, combines, an expanded Season, and more.  The FGL is looking for involvement in several areas.  

Own A Team

The League has room for two potential expansion Teams in 2018, one in the North conference and one in the South conference, and groups are applying now.  Requirements for an expansion team include a head Coach and Team Manager, either role may be filled by the Team Owner(s).  

Commissioner Mather Wiswall says, “the ideal candidates for ownership include a strong network in their region, ambition and leadership, and a desire to bring their community together while supporting athletes within it. Our current Team Owners range from gym owners and Crossfit coaches, to teachers, to full time project managers, to entrepreneurs. Teams are for profit and yield many benefits including a once in a lifetime opportunity for a truly rewarding team sports experience. We can’t wait to meet the next new contenders to take the FGL Season Title away from the Tampa Bay Brigade.” 

Existing team opportunity –

The Southern Conference Champion Palm Beach Elite made it to play against the Brigade in the Championship match of 2017, just falling short of the title.  For the upcoming Season, owner Chris Heuwetter is looking for a General Manager to help manage the Team logistics and personnel.  The GM would join the coaching staff in planning the Team Combine, signing players, communicating with the League and organizing match travel. Email jobs@thefgl.com if interested in learning more.

Other existing teams are looking for help in various roles such as coaching, marketing, ownership and management. If you are interested, fill out the form at this page and we will distribute your information accordingly.

To learn more about working with or owning a Team, visit thefgl.com/season.

Internship Opportunities –

The FGL Operators are looking for staff and interns to help planning and execution for events, marketing, sales and more.  If you have an interest in sports or entrepreneurship, check out the open positions at www.thefgl.com/get-involved.  


January 1, 2018

New Roster Rules for 2018

Heading into the 2018 Season of the Florida Grid League, there are some rule changes to be noted for team rosters.

  • Teams will now consist of 18 active players with no reserve players
  • Teams may carry up to 12 optional “practice squad” Players that earn team benefits but are not eligible in regulation matches (details to follow)

Free agency rules:

  • Teams may re-sign up to 8 Players from their 2017 roster during the resigning period ending January 15th, 2018
  • Free agency begins on February 1st where Teams may sign up to 2 Players from other Teams only
  • Free agency runs through the end of the Player signing period on July 31st
  • The combine period runs from May 1st through July 31st

Player signing rules:

  • Player signing is defined as an official agreement between Team and Player for Player to join the signing Team for the given season
  • Action of signing is executed via official FGL Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Teams may cut a signed Player ONLY in the event of a clear Player handbook violation as determined by FGL Commissioner
  • Once a Player is signed, they MAY NOT play for any other Team in the League, within that given Season, for any reason
  • All players become free agents AFTER the signed season
  • There will be a re-signing period, after the Season, in which Teams have the first right to negotiate re-signing an existing Player for the following year (noted above)
  • Teams MAY NOT make contact with Players signed to other teams prior to the END of this re-signing period (January 15th 2018)

For more information on the Season and how to be involved click here.





12 Bar facing burpee

(8) 2 DB thruster 20lb

(2) Rope climbs

Farmers Carry 100lb/arm

(8) TTB

(5) Snatch 115lb

AA –

12 Deck to pistol

(8) 2 DB thruster 40lb

(4) Rope climbs

Farmers Carry 150lb/arm

(14) TTB

(5) Snatch 155lb


Race rules.

There are 6 elements that make up the race. Each athlete must FINISH one element.

There is only one athlete on the GRID at a time. An athlete on the GRID can sub in any athlete at any time UNLESS they have just completed the last rep of an element.

When an athlete finishes an element (by completing the last rep) that athlete MUST run to the start line, complete a 4 point touch behind the start line, then sprint to the finish line. Once that athlete crosses the finish line they MAY NOT re-enter the GRID.

The only elements that do not require a sprint to the start line to finish the element are the distance related elements (i.e. handstand walk or in this case, the farmers carry). Once the performing athlete crosses the finish line, the next athlete may enter.

The race is over when the last athlete has completed the last element, sprints to the start, then sprints to the finish and crosses the finish line.

Example video. AAA sprint relay the last time we were in the Civic Center.

Movement standards.


  • Movement begins a prone position, making chest contact with the ground with body perpendicular to the bar and one foot cleared of either side of the designated line
  • Player then rises from prone position and propels body over the bar using a two foot takeoff (feet must leave the ground simultaneously)
  • Player’s body must travel over the bar without making any contact at any point during the repetition
  • The repetition is counted when player has cleared the bar and lands on their feet simultaneously


  • Player must lower chest and hips to make contact with the ground
  • Player then must elevate their body and achieve the bottom of a one legged squat with hip crease below the knee and fully supported by one leg.
  • Player may touch both feet to the ground during the transition from the prone position to the bottom of the one legged squat. There is no requirement to open hips during this transition.
  • There is no requirement to alternate supporting legs
  • After the bottom of the one legged squat is achieved, the Player must rise with ONLY the supporting leg touching the ground until:
  1. hip is fully open
  2. knee is locked out
  3. heel on the ground



  • Players may begin their first repetition by performing a squat clean with dumbbells
  • For each repetition Player must descend into a squat (hip crease below horizontal plane of top of knees) then return to a fully standing position while elevating the dumbbells to a position directly over shoulders
  • Elevating the dumbbells overhead must be done in one fluid motion with no unlocking of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player fully stands up with dumbbells directly over shoulders, having their hips open, knees and elbows locked out, and heels on the ground


  • Player begins by holding one designated Farmer’s Carry implement in each hand, behind the Start line.
  • Player walks the implements down the GRID
  • Player may set implements down at any time, but may not move the implements any further along the GRID unless lifted off the ground by the hands

Repetition is complete when the entirety of the implements, and the Player’s body have completely crossed the Finish line


  • At the beginning of each repetition, player suspends from the horizontal bar with arms fully extended and elbows locked out
  • Player must break the vertical plane of the bar with their heels before attempting their repetition
  • Player must elevate both feet and touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • Bar contact must be made in the area between the hands


  • Player must come to a fully standing position while elevating the barbell from the ground to a position directly overhead:
  1. in one continuous motion
  2. without pausing at the shoulders
  •  Player may use any form of snatch unless specifically designated (i.e., muscle, power, full or split)
  •  The repetition is counted when:
  1. the barbell reaches a position directly overhead
  2. Player’s arms and elbows are locked out vertically
  3. Player’s feet stationary, parallel and within shoulder width
  4. hips fully open
  5. knees locked out
  6. heels on the ground





Championship Weekend, Saturday the 11th

The weekend will kick off with the last GRID 6 of 2017 in the mornings of both days the 11th and 12th.

On Saturday following GRID 6, there will be the following playoff matchups to determine who goes on to play in the Championship mathc:

Tampa Bay Brigade vs Orlando Aces @2:30pm

Miami Freaks vs Palm Beach Elite @ 5:00pm


Championship Weekend, Sunday the 12th

GRID 6 Finale will wrap up and we will crown the Champion team by early afternoon.

Following the GRID 6 award ceremony, the FGL Season Redemption match will take place.

SWFL Sharks vs Fort Lauderdale Lions

This match is not only about ending the Season on a positive note with a win, but the winner of this match will also earn the first pick of the schedule matches for the 2018 Season, a big competitive advantage. There is still a lot on the line.

Directly following this match will be the 2017 Championship Match, where we find the Champion of the 2017 FGL Season and winning team of $20,000

? vs ?


Enjoy the exciting conclusion of our Season with a weekend of family fun and GRID.

Purchase a weekend spectator pass to see each Team play at least once, and watch all levels of GRID in GRID 6 Finale.

Saturday:  GRID 6 Finale plus North and South Playoff matches

Sunday: GRID Finale conclusion, plus the Redemption Match and the Finals





Wall Ball Weight 20/12

(25) Wall balls over pull up bar

(25) Wall ball pass sit-ups

(25) Wall ball distance tosses 10’

(25) Wall ball pass sit-ups

(25) Wall balls over pull up bar

AA –

Wall Ball Weight 30/14

(25) Wall balls over pull up bar

(25) Wall ball pass sit-ups

(25) Wall ball distance tosses 10’

(25) Wall ball pass sit-ups

(25) Wall balls over pull up bar


Race rules.

At the call of RACE, 2 males and 2 females enter the GRID carrying their designated wall balls anyhow.

Like regular Biads, there are 5 elements, with 2 stations going at a time for each element – both stations must be completed before moving on to the next stations.

In the Bonus Biads, each station will consist of (2) players of the same gender (1 station of 2 males, 1 station of 2 females).  The elements will utilize both players in order to count.  Males may not finish the female’s stations and vice versa, but males must wait for females to finish their station before moving on to the next station and vice versa.

Players of the same gender can substitute within the race whenever they would like, however reps can only be completed with two players working together at each station.

If the ball is dropped at any point, that rep does not count.

Time stops when (2) players of each gender, and their wall balls, cross the finish line.

Movement standards.


  • Rep begins when one player is holding the wall ball in a front rack position with the hips below the knees
  • Player one will throw the wall ball up and over the designated pull up bar of the rig.  Ball may touch the top of the bar as long as the entirety of the ball goes over the rig.  The rep is finished when player two catches the ball in the air.  If the ball touches the ground at any point during the rep, the rep does not count.


  • Both players sit on the ground with both feet touching in any manner. The rep begins with one player laying with back on the ground, and wall ball touching the floor above the head.
  • Player will sit up with the ball and pass to player two, finishing the rep. The rep is not complete until player two is supporting the weight of the ball with their hands.
  • If the wall ball touches the ground at any point except for over the head of the player starting a new rep, the rep does not count.
  • Players feet may come off the ground, but must remain touching for the rep to count.
  • If the ball slips out of the hands of either player, the rep does not count and must start over from above the head of either player


  • Players will stand 10′ away from each other with toes on the outside of the designated line.  Player one will toss the wall ball to player two, anyhow.
  • Rep ends when player two catches the ball with toes behind the designated line, without the ball touching the ground.





The second half of the FGL Season 2017

As we enter the 3rd week of play, we thought we would sum up what is left to happen. This weekend, the conference playoff matchups will be determined.

The Orlando Aces vs the SWFL Sharks

Both teams put up a great fight, but ultimately fell to the current Northern Conference team to beat, the Tampa Bay Brigade. 

The winner of this matchup goes on to the Conference Championship to take another shot at the Brigade, on Saturday the 11th in the late afternoon as part of Championship Weekend. 


The Palm Beach Elite vs the Fort Lauderdale Lions

Both teams are coming off nail biter matches that came down to the last race. The Lions lost to the Miami Freaks and need to win this match to make the playoffs.

The Palm Beach Elite have secured their spot in the playoffs with tiebreaker points gathered in their win over the Freaks in week 2, but cannot afford to enter the playoffs coming off of a loss to the team they would then meet. This is their last chance to fine tune their teamwork and experience before taking on either the Lions or Freaks to try to go to the Championship.

The Freaks are in the uneasy position of unable to control their destiny. If the Elite wins, they make the playoffs, if the Lions win, the Freaks will play in the Redemption match on Sunday of Championship Weekend. More on that below.


Championship Weekend, Saturday the 11th

The weekend will kick off with the last GRID 6 of 2017 in the mornings of both days the 11th and 12th.

On Saturday following GRID 6, there will be seminars from pro NPGL players and current coaches in the FGL Season teaching aspects of GRID like high level gymnastics, barbell cycling, and GRID rules/strategy basics. Email us at info@thefgl.com for more information.

In the late afternoon and evening will be the two Conference Championship matches.

Championship Weekend, Sunday the 12th

GRID 6 Finale will wrap up and we will crown the Champion team by early afternoon.

Following the GRID 6 award ceremony, the FGL Season Redemption match will take place between the two teams that do not make the playoffs. This match is not only about ending the Season on a positive note with a win, but the winner of this match will also earn the first pick of the schedule matches for the 2018 Season, a big competitive advantage. There is still a lot on the line.

Directly following this match will be the 2017 Championship Match, where we find the Champion of the 2017 FGL Season and winning team of $20,000



This week, on Sunday October 29th, The Miami Freaks will have their second match of the season against the Palm Beach Elite.  The Miami Freaks are fresh off an incredible victory over the Ft. Lauderdale Lions.  The Elite are appearing in their first match of the season.  This match will take place from 1-3 PM EST at Freakin’ Crossfit.  

The Miami Freaks defeated the Lions last week 18-17, coming from behind in the  last race, the Sprint Relay.  Down 16-15, the Freaks pulled ahead in the relay and received 3 points to the Lions’ 1, cementing the victory.  Jeff Ochoa played a huge part in the team’s success, being able to do a lot of the heavy lifting.  Also shining in the match was Julie Gallow, She portrayed great flashes of versatility and difficult movements, thus providing the team with some more options coming into their match with the Elite.  It will be interesting to see how the team performs now having a match under their belt.

The way these two teams match up is going to be interesting because the Elite have some players with a little more experience with difficult movements.  For example, Grace Thompson is a body weight specialist that is small in size, but can move extremely fast.  She should be an incredible boost for the team because of her versatility.  On the male side of the team, they have a strong barbell specialist in Anthony Louis.  He is built like a tank and has an impressive snatch of over 300 pounds. The team does not have a match under their belt yet and will look to show the rest of the league what they are capable of.