‘Tis the Season for Fitness presents

by | Dec 18, 2021 | Sponsors | 0 comments

It’s December!  Do you have everyone on your list feeling the love this year?

If not, we highly recommend checking out The Fit Boxx as an option for the fitness lovers in your life for 3 important reasons: 

  • All fitness lovers also love swag…facts. 
  • Everyone on planet earth loves getting a box of goodies in the mail
  • Of all the options for monthly subscription boxes this is the best! 

We chose The Fit Boxx as our subscription partner because they send high quality, useable, full sized products in every single box.  For around $50 your loved ones will receive about $150 worth of products, and you can purchase just one as a gift, or get them a subscription.  And right now they are offering an exclusive box with Sammy from Feeding the Frasers filled to the brim with fitness and cooking products. Only available while supplies last! 

Once you decide who you want to gift, simply print out the attachment below, stick in an envelope, and you’re done!  You’ve got a high quality, unique gift and you don’t even have to hope that shipping will get there in time (or leave the house).  

**Pro tip – you’ll need the clothing sizes of whoever you’re gifting to, since every FitBoxx includes high quality clothing…so maybe do a little snooping before you’re ready to order.  

Use code “FGL” for double the gear in your next box!  

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