GRID League Match Recap – Wild vs Aces

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Week 2 kicked off with a back and forth battle between the 1-0 Gainesville Wild and 0-1 Orlando Aces. The Aces struck first with a convincing win on the Partner Forward. The Pistol Thrusters in that race slowed multiple players for the Wild and they just barely capped out giving the Aces a 2 point lead to start the match.

The Aces next match is 8/14 vs the Tampa Bay Brigade in Tampa

The Wild’s next match is 8/14 vs Sharks in Tampa

Grab tickets to watch the next match at the link below.

Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

MATCH PREVIEWs Each team selects a starting roster of 5 players per gender and up to 3 alternate players per gender. They can also designate one Wild Card (indicated in RED) which is the only Alternate player that does not permanently replace a player they enter the...

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