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In the year 2018, the sport of curling made an earth shattering, tremendous breakthrough: Mixed gender doubles in the Olympics.

This means the previous 600 years of curling was either exclusively male, or segregated male and female divisions. This clearly makes sense because the ability to slide a rock or scrub the ice feverishly is severely influenced by the size, strength, and/or genitalia of the slider or scrubber… the obvious solution is separate divisions.

While we’re at it we should probably have separate male and female toilet papers, and seat belts. And certainly snorkels… wouldn’t want to get those confused.

Ok, we got jokes, but the point is… It’s kinda silly.

History and tradition are great… when they makes sense. The fact our natural tendency is to separate male and female sports DOES NOT MAKE SENSE ANYMORE. It really never did, but neither did a lot of forms of segregation that were popular for hundreds of years and we have (at least mostly) gotten rid of.

We’re not saying global society is intentionally being oppressive, just that it’s an antiquated thought process. Coed sports (the one or two that exist) are so much more fun and interesting on top of the fact that we, as separate genders, do life together… why not do sports together?

We realize many sports would not work as mixed gender. But some would, and we are mainly pointing out how silly it is that basically NONE do at this point. It’s high time some new sports come out built around integrating men and women in the same sport.


The sport of GRID is built around men and women playing together on the same teams. It represents the future of team sports… when people realize how much more exciting, dramatic, interesting and fun coed team sports are.