2021 Florida Grid League All Stars

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Congratulations to the 2021 All Stars!

The All star voting process outline:

  1. Each team gets up to 5 votes, leaders selected by head coach and owner
  2. League gets up to 5 votes
  3. Votes will be collected in a standard form by an announced deadline
  4. Actual vote tally shared amongst team owners 
  5. Total vote results shared publicly – see graph of all votes 3 or more
  6. The top 4 players for each team will be invited to participate in the All Star Match if available
  7. Special invitations may be made by coaches in the event a invitee could not make it to represent the team

Watch the All Star play THIS WEEKEND on October 9th right before the Florida Grid League Championship Match. 

*** not all that are invited are able to play in the match


North vs South



05:00 PM

      Freakin Fitness Weston – Washington


Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

MATCH PREVIEWs Each team selects a starting roster of 5 players per gender and up to 3 alternate players per gender. They can also designate one Wild Card (indicated in RED) which is the only Alternate player that does not permanently replace a player they enter the...

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