Two Rivals battle it out in a heated match – Freaks vs Lions

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The Fort Lauderdale Lions vs Miami Freaks is one of the most storied and intense rivalries in the Florida Grid League’s short history.

Week 2 Match Highlight presented by Truly

The Freaks next match is a double header 8/28 vs the Palms & Breakers

The Lions next match is a double header 8/28 vs Breakers & Palms

Grab tickets to watch the next match at the link below.

Match Preview

Match Preview

PLAYERS TO WATCH We interviewed the head coaches in the Southern Conference to let us know who to keep an eye on this Season. Palm Beach Breakers Rising Stars: Caitlin Dent-Hernandez - A strong rookie from the 2nd place finish at WZA. She brings not only strength but...

Grid League Match Format: Over Under

Grid League Match Format: Over Under

FLORIDA GRID LEAGUE 2023MATCH FORMAT"OVER UNDER"A Match Format is the specific set of movements and elements that make up the Races within a given Match. This is what makes matches unique from one another as the race rules are always consistent from match to match....

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