Miami Freaks vs Gainesville Wild in a flip flop echo race featuring Erika Kaufman, Nick Shappee, Julie Rader, Ivan Gaitan and Winter Rodriguez.

Watch the entire Championship match here –…

—Content of this video—

00:00– Hang Cluster ( Erika Kaufman Vs. Laura Braun)
0:40– Frantz Petipapa Vs. Nick Shappee
0:53– Sam Secord
1:19– 20 Bar Muscle Ups
1:48– 30 Bar Facing Burpee
2:32– 30 Squat Snatch
3:53– The same race is repeated
7:23– Miami Freaks wins

—-End Race—

Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

Week 3 – Featured Event Match Preview

MATCH PREVIEWs Each team selects a starting roster of 5 players per gender and up to 3 alternate players per gender. They can also designate one Wild Card (indicated in RED) which is the only Alternate player that does not permanently replace a player they enter the...

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