Female – 55, 70, 85,100
Male – 90,115,140,165


AA –

Female – 60, 80,100,120
Male – 115,140,165,190


A –

Female – 80,100,120,140
Male – 140,165,190, 215


Race rules.

The goal of the Ladder is to accumulate as many points as possible, as a team, within 2.5 minutes.

Each lane will have 4 male bars and 4 female bars; 1 of each per quadrant. The bars increase in weight moving down the GRID.

The bars in the first quadrant are worth 1 point when successfully lifted. The bars in the 2nd are worth 2 points, 3 in 3rd, and 4 in 4th.

  • In each lane, only one Player at a time may be in play on the ladder.
  • No succeeding Player may leave the Start Zone to enter the ladder until the previous Player has crossed into the Finish Zone.
  • A Player on the ladder may attempt to accumulate as many points (with a maximum of 10 points) for their team as possible by choosing which bars to attempt to lift. Males may only lift male bars, females may only lift female bars.
  • A Player may start anywhere on the ladder and may skip any bar, but may only move forward through the ladder. A Player is permitted only one lift attempt per bar.
  • Players must alternate by gender: each Player entering the ladder must be of a different gender than the prior Player. A Player is not required to attempt a lift (may run through) as long as adhering to the gender alternation rule.


Movement standards.

  • Player must come to a fully standing position while elevating the barbell from the ground to a position directly overhead:
  1. in one continuous motion
  2. without pausing at the shoulders
  • Player may use any form of snatch
  • The snatch is counted when:
  1. the barbell reaches a position directly overhead
  2. Player’s arms and elbows are locked out vertically
  3. Player’s feet stationary, parallel and within a normal squat stance width
  4. hips fully open
  5. knees locked out
  6. heels on the ground
  • Player must then descend into a squat while maintaining possession of the bar overhead until the hip crease is below the horizontal plane of the top of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player returns to a fully standing position with:
  1. Player’s arms and elbows are locked out verticallyPlayer’s feet stationary, parallel and within a normal squat stance width
  2. hips fully open
  3. knees locked out
  4. heels on the ground




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