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Your favorite new party game

Take the games you played in a college basements or backyard BBQs, add GRID rules, and you’ve got GRIDpong.  This is a team game, guaranteed to create unreasonable amounts of competition and fun at any party.

The Rules

For Time

  • Start at the start line and work your way down the GRID
  • First team whose players cross the finish line, wins
  • Each player must complete at least one rep during the game
  • Players MUST substitute after completing a quadrant
  • Players may substitute at any time if at least one rep attempt has been performed
  • To substitute, working player must run back to start line and tag their teammate (just like in GRID)


Quadrant 1

Flip Cup

4 cups are set up on the edge of the table, just slightly hanging over the edge.  All 4 cups must be flipped to standing

Quadrant 2

House of Cards

3 Cards must be stacked so that each card only has one side touching the table.  House must stand while player does 2 burpees.  If the house falls during that time, the player must start over

Quadrant 3

Quarter Flip

Must bounce each of 2 quarters off of the table and into a shot glass

Quadrant 4

Pong Toss

Pingpong must be tossed or bounced from the start line into a single cup.

Each team will have one pong ball to shoot with and both players must be behind the start line before a shot takes place. Once the pong ball leaves the players hand, the start line may be crossed to retrieve a missed shot by either player. Once rep is complete, whole team must cross the finish line for time to stop

Play GRIDpong at GRID 6 Tampa II - A Division Watch Party