2020 kicks off with a brand new team announcement in the Southern Conference. The new GRID team will compete in the Season starting in May. They will play in a regular Season, Playoffs, and Championship for a $20k Grand Prize. Learn more about the FGL Season here.

Shay Nissim is a long time supporter of the League and is the mind behind putting the team together. He says of the opportunity:

“I have been following and supporting the League for a few years and when the opportunity to get involved as a team owner came up, I jumped on it.  I love the sport, the community, and believe whole heartedly in potential of the League. I can’t wait to get started”

Shay’s first order of business was to recruit head coach Isaias Torres and his team captain in Bryleigh Hansen who has played in the League for years with the Tampa Bay Brigade.

Bryleigh stated about the opportunity:

“It was incredibly difficult to leave the team I got started in the sport with. But, I love the idea and challege of helping a new team get started and I felt the opportunity was too great and could not say no. I am very excited to try out a new conference and help the team grow”

Isaias has been in the South Florida CrossFit community for years and mentions why he got involved:

“I’ve been coaching CrossFit for 7 years and with my background in MMA, I felt this opportunity yielded a chance to get back into sports and competing in a way that I love. I’m excited to build a great team culture and compete with the other great teams in the South”

If you are interested in playing for or being involved with the new team to be named the “South Beach Palms” (branding announced soon) contact them through their IG page here.


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