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I’ve been a competitive athlete for the majority of my life. I’m fortunate that my skill in a number of sports has allowed me to travel around the world, meet some amazing people (including my wife!), and learn about new sports to try.

As a teenager, I competed in the martial art of jujitsu for a time, and then picked up cross country bicycle racing, where I would ride over 200 miles in a single race.

In my early twenties, I jumped off the bike and onto a skateboard, where I competed in my native country of Brazil. It was during those years that I also ran three marathons, just to challenge myself and to see if I could accomplish those goals.

When I turned 26, I moved to Australia, where I was introduced to surfing, paddle-boarding, yoga, and most importantly, CrossFit. I immediately fell in love with it and CrossFit became my main sport, which it still remains to this day. One of my favorite things about being a competitive CrossFit athlete is that not only do I work all of the major muscle groups in a short period of time during training, but it also prepares me to tackle any other sport.

I find that my increased endurance gained from CrossFit training is an amazing tool that improves my long distance bike rides. My increased flexibility is a perfect compliment to skateboarding and yoga. Even if it’s been a few years or months since I practiced jujitsu or hopped on a surfboard, I don’t struggle or stress about picking them up again. CrossFit makes me ready for anything.

Cassio Olivera