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Chances are if you have seen the podium at a bigger a fitness comp in Florida, or have followed top local performers in the CrossFit Open or Regionals, then you know who Michelle Egred is. She has been a top performer in both areas and also owns and coaches one of the more prominent gyms in the Miami area, Just CrossFit.

As the FGL staff observing her team come to compete at the first GRID 6, we didn’t know what to expect. We knew that Michelle and her team were talented, but we didn’t know how they would translate to GRID since they had limited prior knowledge of the sport.

Just CrossFit

Well the fact is, not only did they put up a dominant performance winning every single race they competed in except one… including winning the A championship…  they were very humble, respectful, supportive, and an amazing addition to a great group of teams. Their strategy, communication, and execution was phenomenal and it was clear they are a cohesive team displaying much more than just raw talent. We wanted to catch up with Michelle to find out a little bit more about how her team prepared and how the experience of GRID 6 compared to the many other competitions she had been a part of.


FGL: Tell us a little bit about your athletic background and accomplishments?

Michelle: Not much really. I played sports like soccer and volleyball when I was young and then I always stayed active trying different things and bouncing around until I found CrossFit 4 years ago. When I first came in I could not do a pushup on my knees and if you scroll way back in my instagram you can see proof of it. I stuck with it because it was competitive and I love that. After I did my first competition, and I placed last, I set the goal to come back, better, stronger and ready to win it! And I worked really hard for it. It took me almost a full year of long training sessions before I went back to the competition arena. Since then, I have been blessed and able to win several local competitions, and also made it to CrossFit Regionals as an Individual in 2016



FGL: You led the Just Crossfit team to a very dominant performance in the first ever GRID 6. What were the biggest reasons for your success in your mind?

Michelle: Obviously we have a very talented group, but more than that we were able to put egos aside and think team first and strategize well. It’s not about going out there and showing how good you are as an individual, it’s about showing how good the team is. You might have a really talented team but if you don’t communicate well, and work as a team well, another team that does communicate well with less talented athletes might beat you.


FGL: What was your experience with GRID prior to GRID 6? And how would you describe your first experience with GRID?

Michelle: I had very little exposure to GRID. I am very focused on my gym and my members and don’t spend much time on social media so while I had heard of it here and there I did not know much about it. One of my members introduced me to Mather and he came in and described it to me and it sounded like fun, and a good fit for my personal strengths and the strengths of my athletes so we decided to give it a try.

I can tell you it was a blast, we all had a lot of fun. It was super exciting, I really liked that. So compared to a CrossFit comp it’s more dynamic, more fun, more like a game. It’s more like a team sport where as CrossFit is more like a test, or how much pain you can endure.

Outside of the sport itself, the competition ran smoothly, was on time, and was well organized.


FGL: What are the main differences between a more traditional fitness competition and a GRID 6 competition in your mind?

Michelle: I really like them both, although they are very different. When you do the GRID 6 races its fun because you get to work together as a team, do what you are really good at, go out there, shine and then get off!

It also forced us to communicate better as a team. That doesn’t happen in training and there are not a lot of 6 person team comps out there. And if there are, they don’t force you to communicate the way GRID does. If you don’t communicate in GRID, you just don’t make it. Period. If you don’t communicate in a CrossFit comp you might still make it… it’s going to look rough… but you might still make it. That doesn’t happen in GRID, so this made us stronger as a team.

While on the other hand, on a traditional fitness competition it’s a little bit different. Its also fun because you get to test yourself as an individual; you have to do what you are good at, and also what you are not as good! So it helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and get better at them.


FGL: What are your athletic goals upcoming? What should people know about you and where can they best follow your progress?

Michelle: Our team will be competing in the next GRID 6 in Miami. We are going as a team to Crush Games, and as Individuals to Wodapalooza so you can see us there. We are planning on putting a team together for Regionals as well and depending on if my scores are needed as part of that team or not I may go individual again if I make it. I’ll also see how things go with GRID and see if there is potential for the NPGL. I could see myself as a generalist. I am intrigued by it and will see where it goes!

Make sure you follow Michelle and her team to see where they go in the next GRID 6 and beyond!


Michelle Egred – Generalist / Coach – Click here to follow her on Instagram. 




Cristina Bayardelle – Barbell specialist – Click here to follow her on Instagram. 



Nicole Arcamonte – Bodyweight specialist – Click here to follow her on Instagram. 



Chris Meli – Bodyweight specialist – Click here to follow him on Instagram. 



David Holden – Generalist – Click here to follow him on Instagram. 



Marcos Medina – Barbell specialist – Click here to follow him on Instagram. 


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