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As the Jacksonville Steel ramp up for their combine this weekend on the 15th, they start to organize their leadership.

The most notable addition thus far is experienced and well known fitness coach Ben Plotnicki as assistant coach and head of player development.

Holding an undergraduate and a masters degree from the University of Tennessee, Ben also founded an affiliate in St Johns, FL in 2009. He has a longstanding background in coachingĀ spanning more than 15 years as well as a degrees in exercise kinesiology. Other credentials include CrossFit Level II certificate, Precision Nutrition Level II coach, USAW Sports Performance Coach along with various specialty courses and educational accolades. Along with coaching CrossFit, he runs a personalized fitness and nutrition program.

He describes his goals with the Steel as:

of course I want to win, but also feed my love and passion for developing and improving human performance.

GM and owner Jason Blandford plans to assume head coach roles as he is most focused and best positioned regionally, but is keeping his eye out for help with GRID experience. He says:

I love watching the sport, but I know I will have a learning curve with learning the nuances to the strategy and techniques. I will always welcome experience to shorten that curve if available.

If you want to play for the Jacksonville Steel try out this weekend on the 15th. Bodyweight specialists, weight movers and utility players to build around their first two signings.