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The following is an excerpt from the official rule book of the FGL Season. The rule book is a living document and will constantly evolve as we improve and refine the rules in the best interest of the Teams, Players, and the sport of GRID.

For more information on the Season and how to be involved click here.

FGL Season – Player Signing Rules:


14 active players (7 men, 7 women)

4 reserve (2 men 2 women)

Signing period – April 1 – August 31


Teams may hold scouting combines or any other method of player selection they choose during the signing period.


Definitions –


Active players –

  • Available to play within any match at any point.
  • 10 active players begin a match (5 men, 5 women)
  • 4 active players (2 men, 2 women) available to sub at any point following NPGL sub rules (once a player is subbed for they may not return to the match)
  • Active player roster for each match must be submitted 3 days prior to that match


Reserve players –

  • May be activated for 1 match with no penalty
  • If a reserve player plays in more than one match, one active player must be moved to Injured Reserve and cannot return in the season
  • A reserve player may not sub in during a match for any reason


Player signing –

  • Official agreement between team and player for player to join the signing team for the given season
  • Action of signing is executed via official FGL Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Teams may cut a signed athlete ONLY in the event of a clear player handbook violation as determined by FGL Commissioner
  • Once a player is signed, they MAY NOT play for any other team in the League, within that given Season, for any reason
  • All players become free agents AFTER the 2017 Season
  • There will be a re-signing period, after the 2017 Season, in which teams have the first right to negotiate re-signing an existing player for the following year
  • Teams MAY NOT make contact with players signed to other teams prior to the END of this re-signing period

For more information on the Season and how to be involved click here.