Olympic gymnast Deyan Yordanov competed in 1996 and 2000 for Bulgaria. He has taken a liking to the sport of GRID and the Miami Freaks and come on board to help the team with becoming more efficient with their bodyweight movements. We asked him a few questions about the opportunity.
What is your athletic background and accomplishments?
I am a former 3 Times World Team Member and 2 Times Olympian in Gymnastics.
I am one of the few World Class Gymnasts recognized by FIG – The International Gymnastics Federation
I am the only one ever in the world to do “Delchev” over the High Bar – a highly complicated skill in Gymnastics.
I have been coaching Gymnastics for over 22 years, working with all ages and levels of athletes.
What is your primary role with the Freaks?
I will be the Gymnastics / Bodyweight Coach
How do the Freaks players compare to other clients you have worked with in the past as far as ability to learn new skills?
I have not worked with the Freaks yet, so we will see!
They are all in a great shape, so I believe it would be fairly easy to get new skills.
Can’t wait to start!
What are your thoughts on the sport of GRID?
It is a very intense and exciting sport! The fact that is a new sport makes me think that there is a lot of potential to grow.
I got invited by Storm Kaufman last year to watch a race and immediately got hooked.
What is your favorite part of being involved with the Freaks?
I am super excited to be a part of such an amazing group of athletes! I watch these guys workout everyday and they really inspire me to improve my own fitness and also improve any other aspect of my live.
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