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race one


(10) Clusters 95/65lb

(24) Sit ups 

(10) OHS 95/65

(1) Rope Climbs

(14) BBO 24/20″


(10) Clusters 115/75lb

(16) TTB

(10) OHS 115/75

(2) Rope Climbs

(16) BBO 24/20″



(10) Clusters 135/85lb

(16) TTB

(10) OHS 135/85

(3) Rope Climbs

(16) BBO 30/24″


Race rules.

Males and females will run this race separately.

The race consists of 5 elements with 2 stations at each element. Each station is required to accumulate the given number of reps above. Any athlete may work on ANY station’s reps, but there can only be 2 athletes on the GRID at any given time. An athlete may sub in the athlete from the start line at any time. Each station’s reps must be completed at THAT station.

Athlete may NOT accumulate reps of the subsequent station until BOTH of the previous station’s reps are complete. For example, both stations of (10) clusters must be completed before any reps of the TTB or Sit ups can begin.

Time stops when both working athletes complete the final stations and cross the finish line.    

Example Video: 

Note:  Since true GRID teams are larger, the race is called the Triads and there are 3 stations. The movements are different. The other general rules are the same.



  • For each repetition, player must elevate the barbell from the ground and achieve a front rack position
  • Player must then descend into a squat (hip crease below horizontal plane of top of knees) then return to a fully standing position while elevating the barbell to a position directly overhead
  • Elevating the barbell overhead must be done in one fluid motion with no unlocking of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player fully stands up with barbell directly overhead, having their hips open, knees and elbows locked out, barbell over the midline of the body and heels on the ground



  • At the beginning of each repetition, player suspends from the horizontal bar with arms fully extended and elbows locked out
  • Player must break the vertical plane of the bar with their heels before attempting their repetition
  • Player must elevate both feet and touch the bar at some point simultaneously
  • Bar contact must be made in the area between the hands



  • Standard butterfly sit up from a seated position on the ground and the bottoms of the feet together
  • The repetition starts with the hand touching the ground behind the athletes head
  • The athlete will sit up, bending at the hips
  • The repetition is complete when both hands touch the floor on either side of the feet



  • Player must hold barbell overhead at all times during the movement
  • Player descends into a squat until the hip crease is below the horizontal plane of the top of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when the player returns to a fully standing position, hips are fully open, knees locked out, heels are on the ground, and arms fully extended with elbows locked out



  • Player must climb rope to touch a designated target with either hand
  • The repetition is counted once player makes contact with the designated target
  • After the rep is counted, player may not drop off of the rope until feet are below pull-up bar height



  • Player begins in a standing position
  • Player must lower body to a prone position, making chest contact with the ground
  • Player then rises from prone position and propels body over the box in any manner: both feet must travel over the top of the box (with or without touching the box top)
  • Player’s hand(s) may not make contact with the box at any point during the repetition
  • The repetition is counted once the player has cleared the box and touched the ground, with both feet on the opposite side of the initial jump. If the player lands on any side other than OPPOSITE of the initial jump, the rep does not count.

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