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One of our very favorite things is meeting new people to grow with, to challenge each other, and learn together.  We generally start with a volunteer relationship to make sure it’s a good fit, and it excites us to no end when we can move those relationships to paid positions.

Listen to one longtime staffer describe her experience and benefits of working with the FGL.




We are looking for the following positions:



We are looking for individuals who

  • already love or are intrigued by the sport of GRID
  • would like to learn about business, events and being a part of a sports organization
  • get satisfaction out of hard work
  • positive, even in the face of adversity
  • have special skills, talents and qualities that need to be utilized
  • enjoy high energy and motivating environments
  • are self starters, helpful, and excited

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As FGL operators and leaders we prioritize:

  • providing the tools for success
  • providing accountability
  • encouraging ownership